Friday, December 09, 2005

Kithorn 28th, 1378 of the Cauldron.

“From all the darkest feelings lust is the most insidious
It walks the halls of noble feelings in masquerade
Under the guise of love, feeding on the pious.
It sweetly thralls them on its languid charade:
‘Can there be ever love without lust?
Can lust ever last without love?’”

I can’t follow their steps there, the Ever Moors cloak every divination and scrying. But I don’t need to; I know it all too well: the trackless vast bog stretching the horizon and shredding every thought with it, the crawling hours, the foul beast twisted in hideous shapes (all more savage than their originals, yet with a certain suggestion of intense purpose).

In my mind eye theater there is Vincard casting some far fetching spell, hoping to unravel the veil off his eyes. Unaware that to peek in to the unseen is to invite it in. What will answer and come? Will it be his newfound muse? The one who has been taunting his dreams? I saw him conjuring illusions of this siren in his waking hours: this mist raiding elven maiden.

I wait. I wait for days. I wait to find out if she is prisoner or master of her cell. I wait to see who will come out of the marsh alive, and how the fated ones met their demises. Was that due to random violence of a dangerous place? Were they tested by the very tainted land or were they dragged by the mists from the beyond?

I wait... patiently.


Blogger TheNorthAdv said...

Olha isso não tem nada para dar certo. São coisas que não combinam, uma elfa linda e esse pântano. Se vocês soubessem as historias que temos aqui, concluiriam o mesmo que eu, o pântano é amaldiçoado.

Mas eu tenho o dever de olhar pelos os que aqui habitam. O elfo e o gnomo entrando num barco fantasma. Tive que ir junto. Eu só sei que esse barco foi condenado e um barco elfo onde há corpos de seguidores de Loth. Eu me pergunto por onde esse barco já andou.

Mas saímos todos vivos e sem problemas, mas algo me diz que muita coisa ainda vai acontecer...

Karnak, the Druid

10:48 AM  

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