Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Great Edict of Mystra

"Let it be known that the time of terrors is done.

Never again shall those out of my graces curse my name as fire rains from the sky at the command of prideful mages. Enough hubris has stained my mantle and disgraced my blessings.

Never again shall my inactions further the cause of destruction, pain, and despair without due retribution:

…Let those who sow darkness reap it tenfold.
…Let their dark hearts show in their decaying flesh.
…Let their impious souls taint their brilliant minds with madness.

Never again shall beasts and outlanders come to our lands to wreak havoc without free will or further consequence.

Never again shall the races that are yet to reach the wonders of magic see me as a unending source of mayhem and destruction. Let them envy those under my fold for their prosperity and wisdom, not for their ability to destroy.

I force upon thee this Great Edict on the hopes that it will breed responsibility where before only caprice laid. I thus reaffirm that I am, I feel, I pity, I remember, I rage. All the powers invested on me won’t be honored unless I and all those who worship me hear the call of wisdom and take magic to a next step, where it is an instrument of understanding and knowledge.

Those words carry my will and all who disagree are free to petition their patrons for deliverance. Never forget thought that I am magic, and magic feels, pities, remembers and rages. "

_As retold by priests of the gods of magic across Faerun on the Moon Festival of 1372 of Wild Magic.


Blogger TheNorthAdv said...

A deusa da magia esta correta. Muitos magos usavam suas magias de forma errada.

Podemos dizer que Tempus esta contente pois no campo de batalha haverá guerreiros de verdade. Que irão dar o sangue para defender ou conquistar !!

Salve a deusa da magia !!

5:12 PM  

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